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Being guilt-tripped into voting for the least offensive politician isn't synonymous with genuine democracy. Our electoral process is shallow - we don't have any real power to make decisions, just the illusion of democracy. Unless we press for real change, we will continue to jump from election to election, gradually becoming bored into submission. Click here to find out why we aren't voting in this sham election. If you need convincing, or have questions, try reading our FAQ. Don't vote, it only encourages them!

Eat Your Ballot

Voting is not only useless, it actually undermines genuine democracy by legitimizing an inherently undemocratic process. During this election we are encouraging people to eat their ballots by having our chefs develop delicious recipes. Check out great dishes such as The Ballot Burger, with a side order of Campaign Literature. Or perhaps you enjoy cheese and would like to try a Ballot Fondue. Of course, there are other interesting ways todestroy your ballot...but try not to wind up in jail...

During the last two Canadian Federal Elections, EBS members were actually charged with destroying their own ballots. Check out our history, and press releases here.

Mailing list: For those interested in organizing our campaign there is a mailing list to allow the local groups to coordinate their efforts and exchange ideas and information. If you want to join the mailing list, email with the command "subscribe ebs-l" in the body of the email.

Updates: For a taste of surrealism: Is someone allowed to eat a ballot? is the first question on Elections' Canada FAQ. For regular updates from the EBS, email ebs _at_ with the subject "me want updates".

Special thanks to DIST for providing us with a research grant, and tao for allowing us to squat. Don't vote it only encourages them! pregnant g8 g8 chad dimple hanging chad dimpled chad Florida Recount: Eat your ballot! Bush Gore Sux votamatic punch card voting machine: Sell your vote! Anarchism anarchy

Sell Your Vote

Politicians sell their vote to corporate donors all the time, why shouldn't we also profit? People across the country can sell their votes on the Ballot Auction House (not to mention on EBay, and in classified ads). Help bring market efficiency to the electoral process!  Note: Bidding has ended, but you can still view the list of sold votes.

Help Organize

The Edible Ballot Society is an international coalition of groups, all organizing locally and coordinating their efforts. Start up a group in your city, town, school or prison, or join one which already exists. For those involved in the organizing efforts there is a list-serve which you can join. We also have some resources such as posters, pamphlets, articles, links and research material. If you want updates on our campaign, email ebs _at_ If you have spare change, make a donation.

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For more information, email ebs _at_